• 'TOTAM',is a collection of wooden blocks designed to encourage play at all stages in life:as an educational tool for children, teaching artistic principles like balance, composition and construction and as a way of exploring creativity and personality in adults. The word TOTAM is formed from the word 'Totem' and my initials AM. A Totem is most traditionally known as a form of sculpture crafted as an emblem for an individual or tribe. The Totem is always person-al and unique to its creators. A modular stacking system is derived from traditional architec-tural, sculptural and totemic forms. Inspiration for the collection comes from vintage wooden toys, Japanese Kokeshi dolls and the organic nature of turned wood. Referencing the Bau-haus and Constructivism, the collection is designed to utilise both traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies, to create an art-product which is both aesthetic and functional. The collection is designed as a way to bring sculptural forms into any contemporary public or living space. The user is encouraged to be a part of the creation of the work through the activity of expressive 'play', using nondescript shapes, to form their